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Volume 7:

August 2014
Table of Contents:
Volume 7 Editor’s Note

Kenton T. Wilkinson

Acculturation Effects on Consumers’ Attitudes Toward English or Spanish-Language TV Commercials: The Moderating Role of Bilingualism

John M. Burton and Kenneth C. C. Yang

State Lawmakers and Spanish-Language Media: Developing Hispanic/Latino Issue Agendas in the States

D. Xavier Medina Vidal

Spanish, English or Spanglish? Media Strategies and Corporate Struggles to Reach the Second and Later Generations of Latinos

Viviana Rojas and Juan Piñón

Understanding News Media Consumption Among Latinos in the United States

Ryan Salzman and Catherine Salzman

The “Captured-Liberal” Model: Media Systems, Journalism and Communication Policies in Latin America

Manuel Alejandro Guerrero and Mireya Márquez-Ramírez